IMG_3552Coffeehouse Zen started as a piece of performance art choreographed by Zsa Mae and debuted in Seattle, WA on June 2015. Zsa Mae is a mental health therapist by day and an artist/creator by night. She is a daughter of Filipino immigrants and has a deep respect for the journey that her parents have experienced since moving to the United States. Driven by the fascination of understanding the connection of the mind and body and its ability to heal and feel, Zsa Mae aims to create a space where one can find comfort in slowing down amidst the chaos of everyday life… kind of like being in a coffeehouse and finding peace in observing the hustle and bustle of the individuals within that space. This space is a reminder that life can be enjoyable and pleasurable.

Footage of the piece that inspired it all can be found here.

Zsa Mae enjoys learning new things, dancing, and anything that sparks creative energy. She is a Pisces after all.