12.13.17 Coffee Break: The Morning “Connect and Unplug”

Hello there! I am back with a new daily tip on how to incorporate more happiness and less stress into your life. I had to take a short break to get some things in order on my end (transitioning into a new job role, health appointments, etc.) and recently started to get back into really implementing mindfulness practice and encouraging myself to get back into the yoga studio. I was determined to take the 6am yoga class and was so happy that I did. It was a great way to start off my morning with feeling grounded and connecting with my breath and purpose.

I love the mornings. I am awake at around 5am and sleep at around 9:30pm. I get my full rest and have noticed a shift in my mood. I’ve also had to plan things strategically— which will be reserved for another blog article about creative time management. Stay tuned for that…

But I present to you this tip because it is important and I am a huge believer of whatever you put into yourself is what you put out into the world. My tip for you is this: wake up, roll out of bed, meditate/stretch.

NOT wake up, grab your phone, dink around on the internet for 15-30 (or maybe more) minutes, and get on with your day.

Think of your day as your foundation. Whatever you do in the morning sets you up for what you do for the rest of the day. About 1/2 of my job has me spending time in front of a computer. My neck, shoulders, upper back feels strained on a constant basis. Take the time in your morning to open up your heart and not be distracted by technology. Show your body that you care by giving it the nice morning stretch that it deserves. Unplug from technology and connect to yourself. Keep it simple and reap the huge benefits.


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