11.15.17 Coffee Break: Giving Back to the Community

Tis the season…

A lot of mixed feelings during this time of the year…

It is easy to get swept up in the hustle and bustle of the season and sometimes we find ourselves wrapped in the culture of consumerism and thinking about what gadgets we need, what gifts we need to buy, how much time we need to spend with our families, etc. For some, it might even be a bit more challenging especially if one is experiencing a difficult time.  It is easy to tend to lose touch with the genuine feeling of giving and spreading compassion to those that need it the most. I challenge you to stay grounded this holiday season by finding ways to give back to your community. We all belong to a community… a religious community, a cultural community, a city community, etc. Identify a community/need that is important to you and be involved.

Some ideas include:

  • donating your unused clothing to your local thrift store
  • donating your time to volunteer for a good cause
  • taking the time to reach out to a friend/family member that needs support
  • supporting the local stores in your city
  • doing errands for a busy neighbor…

Find something that is connected to your community. Monetary gifts are great but money does not buy your time. Your time is a gift and what better way to support those in your community by lifting them up.


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