“Just Do It”

“The only thing that’s constant is change”

I’ve been witnessing so many transitions within my own life, my friends’ lives… the changes come in waves and sometimes we are stuck realizing that all these changes happen at once.

Although it is difficult to manage all these changes, there comes a point where our comfort level needs to be shaken and disrupted and we have to force ourselves to take a leap. We need to get out of this funk. In the words of Nike’s slogan, “JUST DO IT.”

Taking a leap is the most difficult step in any situation. We think of all the alternative endings of what could happen once you take a leap and, honestly, there are only two solutions. You either land gracefully and you continue on with your life or you have a hard landing and you figure out how to continue to make the most of your situation. It’s the classic “sink or swim” scenario.

We typically know what’s best for us but are afraid to rip the band aid off because we have learned for a really long time that comfort is attached to a safety net. We stay at a job even if we feel stressed. We stick to a daily routine even if it seems redundant and never ending. We do things out of habit because we are used to it and maybe sometimes we get scared of switching things up because change is new and different. It is the same when it comes to our mental health… we feel it is okay to curl up in bed and watch tv because our bodies feel exhausted from the day so we opt out from socializing with our friends, it seems like a great idea to stay indoors during this time of the year because it is warm although our bodies crave the exercise and release… you get what I’m saying. We have all been there. It is okay to feel a certain way (and I validate you and your emotions) and it’s a different story when these thoughts and emotions deprive you from allowing you to experience your potentially best quality of life. Be gentle with yourself and know it is okay to regain happiness because everyone deserves happiness and peace.

I am a believer in reading the signs and paying attention to what my environment is saying. Don’t be afraid to be intuitive and listen to your gut. Maybe the signs have presented itself multiple times and it’s emphasizing to you that something needs to happen. If we continue to wait for another sign to come (even though so many signs have already displayed themselves), when will we ever rip the bandaid off and just “go for it”?Be courageous. Look at your fear and doubts in the eye and take a leap… take that first step… do something that is out of your learned routine and just go for it. Know that you have the power to shift things around. Your soul is yearning for you to do something different. Give it a try…

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