Why “Coffeehouse Zen”?

Why Coffeehouse Zen?
I know, I know… two contradicting ideas. Coffeehouses can be busy— you see the overworked individual that needs caffeine to jolt start their morning, you see the rush of customers whose lives depend on coffee or else they can’t function throughout the day, you see the open laptops and people occupying a small table surrounded by 2 perfect chairs that could potentially welcome company but they’re occupied by their work or need to not want to socialize… my list can go on and on but I hope you can imagine the picture I painted. As an observer, in this high energy and sometimes stressful place, I find peace in zooming out of the bigger picture and recognizing that we are a collective that could benefit from slowing down and having meaningful interactions with each other. We can create a life that is filled with meaning.

So, my answer as to why I created “Coffeehouse Zen” is this:

“Because amidst the commotion lies serenity”

A couple years ago, I was selected to showcase my work to the general public through an event held by Seattle International Dance Festival called “Art on the Fly”. Before I get into this story, let me rewind… If you have never met me before and are stumbling across this blog by accident, let me introduce myself. I am Zsa Mae, a mental health therapist by day, an artist and choreographer by night. Proceeding to content…

Upon thinking of what to create for the festival, I found myself at local coffeehouses, writing in my journal, and brainstorming ideas on how I could create choreography that reflected my innermost thoughts. I wanted to create something that was meaningful to me. From the music choices, to the costume aesthetics, to the environment that surrounded the dancers, this was my chance to be authentic and be heard. I believe that actions speak louder than words and that is why I felt such a connection while creating this project/piece. Little did I know that this piece of choreography would be titled “Coffeehouse Zen”.

I collaborated with many artists that generously shared their time to help me create music that the dancers could feel, to present spoken word and movement to help the audience realize that our bodies are incredible in the sense of creating and mimicking a sense of emotion, and to get the message across that we are here in the present moment finding peace amidst the chaos of everyday life.

In my upcoming blog entry, I will share a bit more about my creative process but this is why we could benefit through this blog:

  • Our mind and bodies are interconnected and it is important to acknowledge this connection. This virtual space will focus on the importance of recognizing that our bodies are usually a good indicator of our social/emotional state.
  • We are obsessed with being busy as a society and this will be a great reminder to help you slow down (and sip, not guzzle, your coffee mindfully).
  • Many cultures relate to each other through music, dance, and food. This is a universal language that can be literally shared with everyone.
  • This is an opportunity to engage our left and right brain by connecting our logical thoughts to expanding and expressing them into something bigger than us.

Allow me the opportunity to guide you into leading a balanced lifestyle.

Let me share with you a virtual space where you can unwind and silence the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

I am here. We are all here. We are all humans and are made to live a meaningful life.

Thanks for visiting my humble virtual abode. I hope to see you again soon.



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